Video Production in Grand Rapids, MI

Video Production
We are Storytellers,
let us tell yours

We know how to tell a good story through the language of video.
One that engages the viewer and evokes emotion.

What We do

From conceptualization and production, to video editing, and final color correction, we’re a full-service creative studio of both live action and animated videos.

We blend style and function to deliver videos that accomplish your goals by engaging your audience.

  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Branding & Storytelling Videos
  • Commercials – Broadcast and Web
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Documentary / Interview style
  • Explainer Videos
  • Live Event Streaming
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Launch / Introduction Videos
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Training / Education Videos
  • Video News Releases

Our Work

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of projects within different industries and organizations. Many of these live action and animated videos have included corporate branding, training and promotional pieces, online and broadcast commercials and videos for educational institutions.


Our Process

We approach video and post-production through a process we’ve refined over the years. The exact process may vary depending on your needs but would typically include the following steps:


Define Your Goals

We always kick off our approach with meetings to define needs and goals. Understanding the needs, intended audience, and limiting factors are key to honing in on the best solutions.

Brainstorm & Conceptualize

Next, we generate possible solutions – concepts, ideas and treatments – and collaborate with you to form a plan. Sometimes there is one clear approach that works best. Other times there are several options and we work together to determine which suits you best.


Execution of the plan starts with pre-production. This phase consists of more research, interviews, script writing, storyboard/design, and materials collection.



Once you approve the script and storyboards we move into production, where we gather the footage to produce the video. In live video, this requires a location or studio. For animation, this is when we create initial artwork, be it character design or background elements.


Post Production

This is where the video comes to life. Post-production is when we edit the video and add effects. Or, we assemble the animation. This is also the phase where we record music, sound effects, and any narration. One of the last steps of this process is to apply color correction and/or grading.



Deployment is the concluding phase. This is where we complete final mastering and compression for whatever format you need including output to:

  • Physical Media – DVD, USB, Blu-Ray, Hard Drive
  • Digital Video Files - Quicktime, AVI, Flash, H.264, ProRes, etc.
  • Online – YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Amazon, etc.