One of the hottest trends in digital marketing today is marketing automation. Whether a business is large or small, across all industries, marketers are automating their communication efforts with marketing automation software. They are making their communication with current and potential customers, clients, and employees easier and more effective than ever.

The Growth of Marketing Automation

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If you have an email address and any online activity, the chances are that you have already interacted with an automated system. This automation includes such things like emails from Target telling you about the latest sale and coupons, or alerts from your children’s school notifying you about upcoming closures and volunteer opportunities. Even the eNewsletters you get from your favorite restaurant telling you about this week’s happy hour specials are a part of marketing automation, where emails are predetermined and sent based on your interactions and behavior with that business.

Why is marketing automation growing so fast?

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why is marketing automation necessary, isn’t there already enough happening on the internet?”. Well, the answer to this hypothetical question is “yes”, there is already an almost immeasurable amount of activity on the internet. But, it is actually because of the massive influx of online activity that marketers need help. With thousands to millions of users visiting a company’s website, it is impossible for marketers to organize and communicate with everyone.

How much is marketing automation growing?

In a recent survey conducted by Econsultancy, 53% of companies surveyed already have automation software in place, while 37% are planning to implement in the near future. Keep in mind, not every company has completely implemented a marketing automation strategy, but they are using it for at least one piece of their communication strategy.

Recommended uses for marketing automation

First, think of marketing automation software like a highly advanced Rolodex that organizes all of your contacts based on their information as it relates to you. Even better, this highly intelligent Rolodex automatically engages your contacts based on the strategy you’ve designed, reacting to user’s behavior. With that, the possibilities are endless for marketing automation software.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

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The most obvious use for marketing automation is lead generation. After you’ve developed great SEO, social media, and advertising for your website, you have to find a way to convert all of that traffic into leads. Marketing automation does just that. More importantly, the software helps you nurture each of those leads by generating a conversation via email that responds to their behavior. It provides potential customers with the content they want, helping them make a well-informed decision, which leads to more conversions for you.

Appointments & Scheduling

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Another possibility for marketing automation is scheduling. Doctors’ offices, healthcare facilities, accountants, and so many other organizations have to maintain a schedule with incoming customers and clients. Not only can you add contacts to your schedule, but you can also automatically send email confirmations, reminders, and notifications to users (and yourself)—creating a fine-tuned scheduling engine.


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Organization and communication are two vital keys to success, which is precisely what automation software does for recruiters and human resource managers. When it comes to job recruiting, a company more than likely connects with a host of applicants. Some may have great potential, but you can’t hire everyone when there are a limited amount of positions. Marketing automation software gives recruiters a system to organize those candidates and easily re-engage them when another position opens, which is incredibly useful when time is a factor.

24/7 Automated Communication

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Sometimes circumstances produce a situation where fast and massive communication is needed. Following our previous example, when there are school closures due to a holiday, weather, or emergency, quick and efficient communication is required. And, let’s face it, our children aren’t the most reliable for delivering the news home. Marketing automation software allows school administrators to keep every contact organized and accessible for quick communications. Even better, communications do not just have to be a blast of information but can be targeted based on the contact’s behavior, preference, and the severity of the message.

Organization & optimization

To wrap it all up—yes, marketing automation is a terrific and innovative sales and marketing tool. But, the possibilities do not stop there. Marketing automation software allows you to utilize an email list far more effectively than traditional email software ever could. With creativity, strategy, organization, and a little bit of effort you can make the most of your productivity, saving you time and energy.

DVS & SharpSpring

If you’re curious about how marketing automation can help you sell more, contact us today! Thanks to our Silver Certified Agency Partner status with SharpSpring (a leading marketing automation platform), we have both the knowledge and technology to help you capture more leads and drive sales via marketing automation!


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