who we are

DVS is a full-service Marketing & Advertising Agency with a strong focus on Strategic Design + Innovation.

Our Passionate Perspective & History

The strength of DVS, and what makes us unique, is our passionate perspective and people. We believe that Strategic Design + Innovation delivered by people with a passion is what makes a successful agency, not just a cool location or the latest equipment. Although we have those too!

Since 1993, starting out in 640 square feet of space in Wyoming, Michigan, we’ve grown exponentially in size, staff, and capabilities. Our successful evolution is the direct result of our ability to listen. Each stage of that evolution was the result of a client saying, “can you do this” or “we have this problem, can you help?” Our answer has always been yes, together we can do that.

Always evolving to satisfy your needs, DVS is a full-service Marketing & Advertising Agency, with a strong focus on Strategic Design + Innovation and a specialization in small & medium size businesses.

Our Purpose

To improve people’s lives through better communication and have fun while doing it.


To help organizations achieve their goals through better communication.

Brand Promise

We create compelling experiences tailored to connect you to your audience.

Our Values

Start by Listening

In order to truly understand each client's unique needs, we start by actively listening. In order to do that we set aside what we think is needed and actually listen to you!

Have a Servant Attitude

We exist to improve other people's lives, and we accomplish our goals by first helping others accomplish theirs.

Go Above & Beyond

We don't leave well enough alone. We continually learn, share, innovate, and deliver above & beyond the norm.

Act with Integrity

We are accountable and do what's right, even when it costs us. Reputation outweighs profit every time.

Be Adaptable

We embrace the ever-changing nature of our chosen business and are agile in our work. No two clients or projects are identical, so our approach, while structured, is ever adaptable.

Take Initiative

Nothing happens without someone stepping up and doing it. We are the doers who make things happen.

Meet the Team

Paul La Vigne

Paul’s an innovator with a cheery disposition, a mind for marketing, and is always up on the latest tech. Need a solution for delivering your message, updated daily, across 48 states, without the internet? Ask Paul. He’s also been DVS’s fearless leader for over 20 years!

Paul E. La Vigne

President & Chief Strategist

Coe Lacy

Coe, much like his name, is a quirky guy who likes illustration, grungy rock bands, and his pitbull, Rhubarb. He’s also a repository for interesting and useless facts about the animal kingdom.

Coe Lacy

Creative Director

Becky Heldt

Becky is an excellent source of random facts, useful information, and industry insights. Whether you’re looking for marketing solutions for your new product or want to know the average temperature of Lake Superior – she’s got you covered.

Becky Heldt

Senior Account Strategist

Spencer Thomas

Spencer is a lover of sports, Batman, and incredible digital marketing strategies. When it comes to creating killer content, advertising, social media or saving Gotham City, he is your man with the plan.

Spencer Thomas

Digital Marketing Strategist

Sarah Bouy

Sarah enjoys creating structure and keeping everyone on schedule. She believes that binge watching Netflix should count as a hobby, and that everyone could benefit from keeping a bullet journal.

Sarah Bouy

Operations & Production Management

Bob Tofel

If you ever need a bodyguard, give Bob a call. In his spare time, Bob teaches 4 different types of martial arts, attends hacker conventions (for our safety of course), and drives the smoothest car you’ve ever seen.

Bob Tofel

Project Manager & IT Czar

Joshua Vander Klipp

A passion for cooking, obscure hobbies, craft beer, and user centered design is what makes Joshua tick. Always thinking about his next project or gaming session, Joshua loves staying busy and mastering his craft.

Joshua Vander Klipp

UX Designer

Miles Alquist

Miles crafts digital experiences with precision and care, always with an eye for design. When not building websites that dazzle, he can often be found playing and watching esports, whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, or planning his next D&D session.

Miles Alquist

Front End Developer & Designer

Mary Meadows

As an unashamed bibliophile and word enthusiast, it’s rare to see Mary without a book in her hand. When she’s not exploring dusty library shelves, you can find her enjoying the capricious Michigan weather with her faithful German Shepherd, Dakota.

Mary Meadows

Content Writer

Michael Johnson

The Zone is where Michael lives. He’s always focused, always timely, and always drinking tea. He’s like Sir Patrick Stewart, but with hair.

Michael Johnson

Video Manager

Phil Gibson

If Phil were a character in Dungeons and Dragons, there’s no doubt he’d be a wizard. Not only is this guy casting spells that make our videos magical, he even has his own secluded cave/office.

Phil Gibson

Senior Video Editor / Colorist

Corey Bowman

Corey is our photo / video / audio / digital imaging guru and his is ability to blend creative & tech is legendary. When he frames a shot, the camera gets chills. Naturally, Corey’s also the most easy-going person in the office.

Corey Bowman

DP & Senior DIT

Sloan VomSteeg

Sloane has a profound case of wanderlust. After studying abroad in Australia, she is currently attending Grand Valley State University. When she’s not planning her next adventure, you can find Sloane on the golf course perfecting her swing.

Sloan VomSteeg

Account Management Intern

Jane Phillips

Jane’s been in the numbers game since she was in high school. She can give you solid advice on nearly any topic and she’s been DVS’s book-balancing backbone for over a decade!

Jane Phillips

Chief Administrative Officer

Leah Symons

With a passion for family, Leah enjoys gathering people together to enjoy camping, board games, and craft beer. She is married to her high school sweetheart and is perfecting the art of a healthy work / life balance.

Leah Symons

Accounting Specialist

Don is DVS’s resident dollars, db, and code maestro. He can be pretty intimidating but we know that, underneath that cool exterior, Don’s a chill fellow who loves chocolate cake and a good puzzle.

Don Schaafsma

CFO & Database Wizard

Offsite Staff

At DVS we love working alongside our clients. So, while we have many of our team in-house, we also have another twelve full-time employees who are permanently embedded onsite at client locations.

Offsite Staff

Design & Project Management

Our Space


As a marketing and advertising agency, we understand the importance of aesthetics and providing an environment of creativity! Which is why when it comes to our space we go to great extents to make it our own. Overlooking the southend of downtown Grand Rapids, our headquarters is located in a 100+ year old former Steelcase factory. In this building we are surrounded by traditional West Michigan architecture, yet have all the modern technology and innovation at our fingertips.

401 Hall ST SW STE 489
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


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